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Sterling and Silverplated Dresser Sets and Hand Mirrors

Vintage sterling and silverplated dresser sets and hand mirrors in the Art Deco style, Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts.  A lovely gift for mom, grandmother, daughter....yourself.... on Mother's Day, birthday or graduation!!!  

1)  The 3pc. Art Nouveau set pictured above is silverplated.  The mirror measures 9 5/8" with a beveled mirror in very good condition.   The 8 1/2" hair brush is also in very good condition as is the tortoise shell comb which is 7 1/2" long.  The set is $250

2)  Beautiful sterling Repousse 3pc. dresser set by Hamilton & Diesinger has a lovely script hand-engraved monogram "R" on all pieces.  The beveled mirror is in excellent condition and measures 9 3/4".  The hair brush measures 9" in length and is in good condition with some bristles missing along the outer edge of the brush.  (the dark dot on the middle of the brush in the picture is a reflection, not tarnish or damage)  The clothes brush is 8" long in good condition; however for the most part, a row of bristles is missing along the outer rim of the brush.  This set is circa 1895-99.  The set is $498.00.

3)  Turn of the century Art Deco sterling hair brush by Whiting in very good condition.  The bristles are almost all in tact.    The brush has a script hand-engraved "NJEC" or very close to it!  The cost is $95.00.

4)  Engraved floral and swirls are the motif for this hair brush by Schmitz, Moore & Co. of Newark, New Jersey.  Circa 1915, this sterling silver brush has a hand-monogrammed "G" in the cartouche.  The sterling and bristles are in very good condition.  Cost is $95.00.

5)  Engraved floral hand mirror and comb by Gorham in very good condition.  The mirror is 9 3/4" in length and has a script monogram "IHW", we believe.  Could be a "C" in there as well!  The beveled mirror is in perfect condition and there are a couple of small dings in the sterling.  The matching sterling and tortoise shell comb is 7 3/4" in length.   The set is circa 1900 and is $175.00.

6)  This 2pc. Art Nouveau mirror and brush set by Wallace Bros. is silverplated.  The mirror measures 9 3/4" and has been replated with a new mirror inserted; it is therefore in very good condition.   The 8 1/2" hair brush  has not been replated and shows areas of wear.  The bristles are in very good condition.  Neither piece has any dents or scratches.  The set is $189

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